Effective Project Management

Many companies have derived significant benefits by improving business processes with project management processes supported by Microsoft technology. One local manufacturer needed to decrease the time it takes to deliver their high-quality products to market. To do that, they developed a process that used Microsoft technologies to efficiently manage product development processes, projects, and information. A solution based on Microsoft’s Enterprise Project Management Solution and Microsoft Visio provided them with the following benefits:

  • Optimized the conversion of timelines to detailed project plans from days to minutes
  • Delivered products to market faster and cheaper by increasing efficiency of project execution up to 20%
  • Delivered great products every time by improving process consistency
  • Increased capacity with a cost-effective and scalable organization
  • Enabled the company to allocate more time for dedicated research

A recent study by KPMG consulting found that in 300 large companies across the US, 65% of projects are failing; they are behind schedule, over budget or not meeting requirements. Surprisingly, most of the interviewed executives considered this “normal” - neither surprising or particularly troubling. In our view, this is simply not acceptable, and our Business Productivity Specialists have the experience and expertise to help our customers deliver projects on time, on budget and that meet or exceed expectations.
Project Management methodologies help companies realize significant business value by:

  • Improving the success of projects across the enterprise
  • Managing projects as a collective portfolio for better decision-making
  • Optimizing resources across your organization for sustained competence
  • Streamlining project management performance for competitive advantage
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