Managing the Project Lifecycle with Portfolio Server and Project Server 2007
This session focuses on project lifecycle management through the integration of Portfolio Server and Project Server as a complete project lifecycle management solution. The goal is to use the tools to support the entire life cycle of projects in an organization. It will follow a project from the initial concept through business case analysis and project initiation, then various stage gates of progress, and final measurement of success using the tools to provide accurate and timely reporting of project and portfolio results.  Participants will obtain successful approaches for capturing, selecting, planning and managing projects along with the   critical management decisions that are made in each stage through the use of Portfolio Server and Project Server.

Strategic Decision-Making and Investing with Microsoft Office Project Portfolio Server
Selecting a project portfolio that aligns with your organization’s strategic priorities can be a daunting task. Tune in to this webcast to find out how Microsoft Office Project Portfolio Server (formerly UMT Portfolio Manager) can be deployed within the Microsoft Office Enterprise Project Management (EPM) Solution to enforce a rational rather than an emotional approach to portfolio selection. Learn how to utilize best practice techniques to prioritize driving business factors, evaluate project investments, optimize and select the best project portfolio for your budgetary constraints, and identify ways to improve efficiency.

How Microsoft IT Improved Project Portfolio Selection to Drive Business Value
Do you feel overwhelmed every year when it comes time to develop your IT budget? Does your business partner feel frustrated with the lack of rationale for what is funded and what is not? Do you and your business partner spend a lot of time trying to agree on what is important? Join this webcast to learn about our experiences in developing and rolling out a new strategic planning and portfolio management process and tool built on Microsoft Office Project Portfolio Server 2007 across the Microsoft Human Resources (HR) division. We discuss how Microsoft IT and HR overhauled the entire portfolio of projects, instilled a process and governance culture, and got on track to deliver significant business impact. This process spans the portfolio management life cycle, from strategy definition to implementation.

Juggling the Project Portfolio: Best Practices for Portfolio Management 
Managing projects in the corporate portfolio is difficult at best. How do you track multiple resources? How do you set priorities? Portfolio management is a discipline that enables you to evaluate and prioritize projects to ensure that you invest your resources where they are needed most. This informative webcast outlines best practices for portfolio management, and shows you tips on how to define a process framework. Learn about the tools you need to succeed, find out how to ensure that your projects are properly prioritized and aligned with your business strategy, and see a demonstration of successful portfolio management.