A First Look at Office Visio 2007
This webcast provides you with an overview of the exciting new features and enhancements in Microsoft Office Visio 2007. Join us as we help make any Visio 2007 user more productive as they create the drawings and diagrams that are critical to their business. We show you how to save time, improve quality, and communicate more effectively using Visio 2007 drawings. Many of the tips we provide are little known or undocumented features as well as keyboard shortcuts that should make you say, “Wow… I wish knew that sooner!”.

Data Center Management with Visio
Microsoft Office Visio is a great IT tool that enables you to convert your static diagrams to dynamic visual dashboards. In this webcast, we explore how Visio can help you increase your effectiveness and efficiency to meet your IT needs. We cover the following IT professional scenarios and demonstrations:
·          How to plan your data centers better, optimally utilize rack space, and save money by planning optimally using Visio.
·          How to visualize your entire system architecture and dive into details about certain usage scenarios.
Amaze your senior managers by showing the detailed visual planning you can do with Visio. We also explore how to use Visio for incident and change management scenarios.

Extending the Power of Your Desktop with Office Visio 2007 and Project 2007
Are you a professional who uses advanced project management and visual diagramming applications to help you be more effective in your job? If so, you may appreciate the new features and enhancements in Microsoft Office Visio 2007 and Office Project 2007. In this webcast, learn how you can use Visio 2007 to create visual diagrams that help you document, design, communicate, and automate complex ideas, processes, and systems. We also show you how to use Project 2007 to create project plans that help you and your team align business initiatives, projects, and resources. Join us to discover how these applications can enable you to take effective actions and achieve better business results.

Network Security Management with Visio Professional 2007
Join this webcast to learn how you can visualize, analyze, and communicate complex IT systems and processes with Microsoft Office Visio Professional 2007. Microsoft Office Visio is a great IT tool that enables you to convert your static diagrams to dynamic visual dashboards. We demonstrate how Visio Professional 2007 can help you increase effectiveness and efficiency to meet your IT needs. We also cover how you can use Visio Professional 2007 in a network operation center (NOC) to display a digital dashboard using the data linking capabilities to integrate data from Microsoft Operations Manager, Microsoft Systems Management Server, and other management server products. See how you can dazzle your senior executives by showing how well you keep track of IT networks with Visio Professional 2007.

Visualizing SQL and SQL Server Analysis Services Data in Visio 2007
Your applications may deal with huge amounts of data, and making sense of that information and communicating it effectively are vital to making your users successful. Join this webcast to learn how to incorporate dynamic views of data into your smart client applications using the new data visualization capabilities in Microsoft Office Visio 2007. During the session, we step through the creation of an example application to illustrate the versatility of Visio 2007. Topics we cover in the presentation include connecting to data sources (such as Microsoft Office Excel, Project Server, PerformancePoint Server, SharePoint Server 2007 lists, and SQL Server Analysis Services), programmatically mapping that data to shapes, and surfacing the data on the diagram using the data graphics API.

Quick Tips and Tricks to Make Your IT Department More Effective and Efficient Using Visio 2007
Do you want to know how you can use Microsoft Office Visio 2007 like a handy Swiss knife to quickly help you with multiple IT-related activities? In this session, we demonstrate how you can use Visio 2007 for network installations, capacity planning, Web site design, database modeling, security analysis, asset management, and move management. These are all valuable assets for both IT and facilities management types, application architecture, network planning, and project management. Join us to learn why Visio 2007 is like the Swiss knife in the world of IT.

Visualize Data with System Center Operations Manager, System Center Configuration Manager Add-Ins for Visio 2007
Come see us demonstrate for you the free Microsoft System Center Operations Manager alert add-in and the Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager patch management add-in for Microsoft Office Visio 2007. Learn all about this amazing, helpful, and handy free Visio add-in for System Center Operations Manager and System Center Configuration Manager. We preview the workings of the connector and show how you can use it in your infrastructure today. We also describe the Microsoft SQL Server deployment add-in for Visio and explain how it can help you with your new Microsoft SQL Server 2008 deployment.

Using Visio Customization to Meet Your Specific Business Data Visualization Needs
This in-depth webcast explores advanced concepts in Microsoft Office Visio 2003 customization and offers techniques that enable you to take advantage of the full power of the Visio development platform. Join us and learn how to create custom Visio SmartShapes, stencils, and templates. We will also discuss how to use Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) for Visio automation, and understand the Visio ShapeSheet and the Visio object model.

Small Business Webcast: See How Small Business Owners Use Visio 2007 to Communicate Complex Information to Customers and Vendors
Using diagram-specific shapes and tools in Microsoft Office Visio 2007, John and Jane can create professional-looking flowcharts, organizational charts, and workflow diagrams. This enables Jane to connect processes with company data and share that information easily with employees. Join us to see how Visio 2007 helps Jane migrate from complicated text and tables to Visio 2007 diagrams that effectively communicate information at a glance.

Business Process Management
The changing face of business has increased the demand for visibility into the way an organization operates. Companies must deliver greater value with fewer resources and adapt to shifting marketplace dynamics with speed and agility. Join Microsoft® partner Proactivity to learn about some of the key elements affecting business processes, such as the efficiency of product development and customer satisfaction levels. You'll want to find out what tools your enterprise needs to more readily achieve its business goals.

Advanced Tips and Tricks for Creating Business Diagrams with PowerPoint and Visio
When you use the best program for the task, you usually end up doing less work and getting better results in the bargain. This webcast can help you determine when to use Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2003 or Microsoft Office Visio 2003 to create the business diagrams you need and show you key tips and tricks for creating the perfect diagram every time. This webcast examines the types of diagrams often found in financial pitch books, from simple flow charts to timelines to how you can create an organization chart in Visio without ever drawing a shape. Finally, learn fast and easy techniques for both PowerPoint and Visio to ensure that the graphic is a perfect fit for your Microsoft Office Word document every time.

Advanced Tips and Tricks for Creating Dynamic Diagrams with Visio 2007 and Excel 2007
You want diagrams that are dynamic, effective, and do more than just look great. Perhaps you need diagrams that display dynamic data or integrate with data management programs. If so, welcome to Microsoft Office Visio 2007. In this webcast, we introduce several features that enable you to work with data in your Visio 2007 diagrams, such as displaying dynamic data on shapes with the new Data Graphics task pane, or generating a PivotDiagram from a Microsoft Office Excel 2007 table. Learn tips and tricks for generating diagrams directly from Excel 2007 data or exporting diagram data to Excel 2007 and other programs, so that you never need to enter the same data twice.

Diagramming Made Easy: Microsoft Office Visio 2003 for Business and Technical Users
Visio 2003 is the world’s leading software for creating business and technical diagrams that document and organize concepts, processes, systems and relationships. This program can be customized or embedded in other applications and ensures accuracy by synchronizing directly with its data sources to provide up-to-the-minute documents. Join us for this 60-minute webcast and learn how diagrams created with Visio 2003 can enable you to visualize and communicate information clearly, concisely, and effectively in ways that text and numbers alone cannot.

Quick and Easy Sales Proposals with Visio 2003
Creating sales proposals can be a time-consuming process. By using Microsoft Visio 2003, sales proposals can be generated in one document instead of a variety of formats such as Microsoft Office Word and Excel. The information can then be automatically recycled to create a bill of materials and supporting documentation, all in a variety of formats. Organizations of all sizes have taken advantage of this sales proposal framework to reduce the time and effort of producing top-notch sales proposals.

Discover how to easily create sales proposals, and take advantage of a special offer for qualified webcast attendees; a discount on Visio templates and add-ons.

Raising the Bar for Diagramming Tools: Microsoft Office Visio 2003 for Business and Technical Users
What sets Visio® 2003 apart from the rest? For starters, it allows you to create business and technical diagrams that document and organize concepts, processes and relationships -- clearly, concisely, and effectively. Visio also synchronizes directly with data sources to provide the most up-to-date diagrams that can be customized or embedded in other applications. Join us online to learn about this program's many features and see how it can benefit your organization in ways that text and numbers alone cannot.

Visio 2003 - "Beyond Wizards"
This webcast is designed for users who want an in-depth view of Visio® 2003 features, with valuable hints and tips on getting the most out of this versatile application. It will highlight new tools, templates and the Diagram Gallery. You'll learn how to create enhanced project timelines, work with detailed drawing segments and import organization chart data. You'll also see a demonstration of saving a process design as a Web page and tracking changes in a Brainstorming diagram. Join the discussion and find out some of the many ways that Visio's advanced functionality can enable your company to reduce effort and boost productivity.

Visio 2003 Scenarios for HR, Sales and Marketing Professionals
Diagrams created in Microsoft Visio 2003 enable you to visualize and communicate information clearly and effectively in ways that text and numbers cannot. Designed for those new to the program, this webcast will enable you to build Visio diagrams that enhance the productivity of your particular area of work. Whether you work with networks or organizational charts, this webcast will give you a solid understanding of how to leverage Visio to visualize your mission-critical data.

Join us to discover how you can use Visio to display your mission-critical data visually and benefit from the enhanced decision making and collaboration it provides.

Adding Efficiencies to Compliance Efforts Through Microsoft Office Visio
Complying with the increasing number of regulations such as the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 and the Health Insurance Portablity and Accountability Act (HIPAA) is becoming more and more burdensome for organizations. Microsoft Office Visio and Microsoft Office SharePoint Portal Server 2003 can help your organization to document and monitor processes for compliance. These tools provide reusable Process and Control blocks as Visual Stencils. Various metadata required for monitoring and compliance can be associated at the stencil level. Join this webcast to learn more about the solution for adding efficiencies to compliance efforts through Visio. The live webcast features a free Assessment and Recommendation, valued at $2,000, for two randomly selected attendees who complete the Web form.

Building Custom Network Equipment Shapes for Visio 2003
Do you need to build smart, realistic shapes to represent constantly changing network equipment? Did you know that network diagrams are one of the most popular uses of Microsoft Office Visio 2003? This webcast shows how to create clear and attractive network equipment shapes using various drawing tools in Visio. Visio 2003 uses the powerful parametric programming interface known as the ShapeSheet. Learn how to save time by building SmartShapes efficiently, and take advantage of an offer for qualified webcast attendees - 15% off all purchases of Visio 2003 shapes, stencils, templates, and add-ons.

From Design to Automation: Successful Business Process Management with Visio 2003
Realizing the promise of business process management (BPM) is a complex undertaking. The traditional, custom-coding approach to developing business process solutions is inefficient and hinders the delivery of adaptable automation. This webcast presents a solution that captures business process models in a familiar, robust Microsoft Office Visio 2003 diagram. Now, BPM becomes the common language that helps bridge the divide between business and information technology. Join us and discover a simple way to accelerate process excellence and BPM success. Qualified attendees are eligible to receive a free AgilePoint Envision component for process modeling and simulation.
Getting the Most from the Microsoft Office System Using Visio 2003
Discover how Microsoft Office Visio 2003 can help you work more efficiently and get better results. This webcast highlights the many wizards built into Visio 2003 that can help you create diagrams faster and easier, and demonstrates features that enable Visio 2003 to integrate with other Microsoft Office System applications. Learn how Visio 2003 can enhance everyday tasks such as collaborating with Microsoft SharePoint, creating and maintaining Web sites using Microsoft Office FrontPage 2003, visualizing human resource data from Microsoft Office Excel 2003 and Microsoft Office Access 2003, and integrating with Microsoft Office Project 2003 plans and charts.

Implementing Lean Value Streams Using Visual Workbooks
A lean transformation requires a common understanding of opportunities, metrics, and action plans. The preferred approach is to plan the work using value stream maps, and then work the plan using visual workbooks linked to the maps. The previous webcast, “Visualize, Analyze and Manage a Lean Transformation Using Value Stream Maps”, demonstrated how to plan the work by developing and analyzing value stream maps. This companion webcast focuses on visually working the plan using simple visual workbooks that complement the value stream maps. See how to use Microsoft Office Visio 2003 to create, share, and link visual workbooks to value stream maps for effective lean transformations.

Using Visio Shortcuts to Increase Your Productivity
This webcast introduces the power of Microsoft Office Visio 2003 and provides shortcuts and best practice techniques to help you quickly visualize, diagram, and document your business concepts. Learn tips on how to connect, align, and group Visio SmartShapes, discover effective ways to use background pages and color schemes, work with SmartShape text fields, and manipulate shape text. We also cover page setup, printing, and sharing Visio diagrams in Web pages.