The Rise of Collaborative Corporate Innovation and Corporate Venture

Date(s) - Thursday, May 31, 2018
9:30 am - 3:30 pm

Microsoft San Francisco

Who’s This For: Executives and Senior Leaders focused on exploring new business opportunities and implementing competitive strategies

With the extreme pace of change confronting large companies and the rise of disruption to traditional business models, leaders across many industries are being forced to consider new methods for maintaining competitive advantage and retaining market position. Collaborative Innovation provides a unique approach bringing internal innovation, external innovation and corporate venture investment together allowing corporations to focus on their primary business model while exploring low-risk paths to new technologies, new businesses, new markets and new opportunities.

What Will I Get Out of This Workshop?

In this day long workshop, leaders will gain insight into proven models for engaging entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, outside investors together with their own corporate venture arms in rapid development of new ideas at low risk and low cost to the company. Tracking and achieving exceptional outcomes requires a balance of process implementation, tool implementation, excellent networks and exceptional people. In multiple rapid-fire sessions, this workshop provides proven best approaches to creating the fine balance required.

9:30am – 3:30pm; 30-minute sessions:

■ Innova360: The Innovathon Model of Corporate Venture & Innovation Validation

Multi-Party Innovation Thru Collaboration – The Innovathon Model concentrates on defining the corporate innovation challenges, scouting solutions, conducting ideathons, hackathons, and formal presentation of results leading into the combination of Capital and Operational project execution necessary to deliver value-creating challenge outcomes.

Cisco Hyperinnovation Living Lab

■ Sandalwood Ventures: Corporate Venture & Angel Investment Syndication to Deliver Corporate Strategic Innovation

The State of Corporate Venture, The Role of Angels and The Startup Ecosystem – Corporations now more than ever must consider partnering at all levels of the business ecosystem. In a world of talent wars, constant technological change, business disruption – collaborative innovation and venture is stepping into the gap created by a pace of change exceeding the resource capacity of even the largest corporations today. Sandalwood is at the forefront integrating the disparate parts of the ecosystem.

■ Plug and Play Technology Center: Accelerating Corporate Innovation & Venture

Acceleration, Incubation and Connection – the largest corporate and startup focused accelerator in the world, Plug and Play Technology Center provides a unique intersection point between Corporate Venture and rising start Startups. Learn what works and what doesn’t work inside the world’s best startup accelerator.

■ Future Think Labs: Establishing the Real Time Business Data Backbone

Rapid Innovation Thru Hybrid Custom + Off The Shelf Business Application Solutions using Dynamics 365 – using Microsoft Dynamics 365 + Azure, Future Think Labs builds real time business data backbones enabling machine learning, AI, bots and custom user experiences to enable your users to focus on the work rather than focusing on feeding the software.

■ Pcubed: Agile Project Management – Executing and Delivering Innovation Projects for New Products & New Services

Agile Project execution and delivery to drive Corporate Innovation and Corporate Venture Projects from Start to Outcome – Using Microsoft Project Online and Microsoft SharePoint Online, Pcubed enables the most innovative companies in the world to deliver projects at low risk, high reward, low cost and exception outcomes.

■ Silicon Valley Robotics: The Current State of Robotics and the Impact on Corporate Innovation

State of Robotics, AI, Automation and the 21st Century Corporation – In a wide reaching tour of the topic, SVR brings the current state of the art in Robotics to the Corporate Mindset.

■ Microsoft: Bringing Corporate Innovation and Venture to Life in the Cloud using Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure and Rapid Innovation – Azure continues to grow by leaps and bounds, building AI for the Enterprise, enabling real time streaming of critical data across corporate boundaries leveraging blockchain, data science, IoT and making that available to solve enterprise business problems.

■ CoPlex: The Coplex Lean Software Development Model

Building from Idea to MVP in 8 Weeks or Less – Leveraging the Lean Startup model, Coplex works with idea projects to build out MVP’s quickly and at the right scale to deliver value in software development immediately.

3:30pm – 4:30pm; Meet The Startups + Networking + Panel:

Partnering with the right emerging companies can help lead to business efficiencies and new opportunities.  Stay for our panel to get to know some local startups and how they work with large companies today.

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